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Barrels in Aberdeen, WA

Seattle Barrel Company has been proudly serving the Aberdeen region and far beyond since we got our start way back in 1916. Celebrating more than a century of excellence, our locally owned industrial container company is renowned for top-tier quality in pails, environmental supplies, totes, rated drums, and un-rated drums in Aberdeen, Washington. We prioritize your peace of mind by keeping our business licensed, bonded, accredited, and insured. What makes us unique in this industry is our outstanding team of experienced, trustworthy, and supportive professionals. Even with our expansion into multiple states, we’ve upheld a humble and personable approach that has led to meaningful and lasting connections with our customers. We warmly invite you to join the Seattle Barrel Company family – get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!

High-Quality, USA-Made Barrels and Supplies

Versatile Barrels for Any Purpose

New Barrels

When it comes to barrels, Seattle Barrel Company excels. Browse through our extensive range of new barrels, all crafted to meet your specific requirements. Discover a vast array of industrial containers offering countless sizes, some with lids and some without. With a history spanning over 100 years, we are esteemed authorities in the industry, trusted by individuals and businesses in all fields. Seattle Barrel Company offers convenient services like drop-off with a pickup fee or free pickup for bulk orders. Whether it’s a single barrel or a large quantity, you can count on us for unparalleled service and top-tier industrial containers in Aberdeen.

Reconditioned Barrels

Reconditioned barrels offer cost savings and customization opportunities. Our cleaning process begins with hot steam and water to ensure complete sanitation. They are then vacuumed and dried, with the exterior polished to remove stickers or residue. Our team provides an extensive palette of paint colors. Black and blue are our customers’ top picks, but we’re open to fulfilling unique color preferences. Thanks to our team’s commitment to detail and adaptability, every reconditioned barrel becomes a personalized and effective solution for various commercial and industrial uses.

Plastic Drums

Our collection of industrial drums is extensive and caters to your precise requirements and budget, whether you prefer new or reconditioned solutions. Certain choices include closed tops, which are perfect for storing water and hydraulic fluids. Our open-top drums are ideal for international shipping or storing goods such as clothing and food items. A significant portion of our selection is compliant with USDA and FDA standards, ensuring safe storage for consumables. Whether you’re looking for rated or un-rated drums, we’re your go-to for storage or waste drum solutions. Our diverse range includes the most versatile and durable industrial drums in Aberdeen, designed to offer dependable solutions for all your industrial and commercial needs.

Our options include:

55-Gallon Unrated Plastic Drum with Closed Top

55-Gallon Plastic Drum with Open Top & Lever Lock Ring Cover

30-Gallon Unrated, Tapered Plastic Drum with Open Head & Lever Lock

30-Gallon Plastic Drum with Open Top & Lever Lock Ring Cover

95-Gallon Plastic Salvage Overpack Drum with Twist-Off Lid

55-Gallon Plastic Drum with Closed Top

30-Gallon Plastic Drum with Closed Top

15-Gallon Unrated Plastic Drum with Closed Top

30-Gallon Unrated Plastic Drum with Closed Top

Steel Barrels

Seattle Barrel Company prides itself on offering a wide range of steel barrels to suit different applications. Our closed-top steel barrels are designed for oil storage, providing a secure and efficient solution for containment and transport. Conversely, our open-top steel barrels fulfill diverse purposes, from containing soil samples for drilling tests to storing dirty rags to shipping different items. Whether you need new or reconditioned barrels, we have you covered with a variety of options. We provide a diverse range of sizes, with options for lids or without, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your specific applications. It’s important to know that while most of our barrels can be reconditioned or new, our salvage and trash barrels are exclusively available in new condition.

Our options include:

10-Gallon Unrated Steel Barrel with Open Top, Lid, Bolt, Nut, & Gaskets

16-Gallon Unrated Steel Barrel with Open Top, Lid, Bolt, Nut, & Gaskets

10-Gallon Unrated, Unlined Steel Barrel with Closed Top

30-Gallon Unrated Steel Barrel with Open Top, Lid, Bolt, Nut, & Gaskets

30-Gallon Unrated, Unlined Steel Barrel with Closed Top

55-Gallon Burn or Trash Barrel with Open Top

55-Gallon Unrated, Unlined Steel Barrel with Closed Top

85-Gallon Unrated Steel Salvage Barrel with Open Top, Lid, & Bolt Ring

16-Gallon Unrated, Unlined Steel Barrel with Closed Top

55-Gallon Unrated Steep Barrel with Open Top, Lid, Bolt, Nut, & Gaskets

Pails & Buckets

From small, 0.6-gallon screw-top buckets to large 5-gallon options, Seattle Barrel Company has a variety of pails and buckets to choose from. These versatile containers are ideal for storing chemicals, solids, food products, liquids, and more. Crafted for resilience, made from premium materials, and offered in different sizes, our buckets and pails are suitable for endless purposes.

Our options include:

5-Gallon Steel Pail with Open Top & Lever Lock Cover

3.5-Gallon Unrated Pail with Screw Top Lid

5-Gallon Unlined Steel Pail with Closed Top & Pull-Up Spout

5-Gallon Unrated Plastic Bucket with Lid

0.6-Gallon Unrated Pail with Screw Top Lid

1.25-Gallon Unrated Pail with Screw Top Lid

5-Gallon Unrated Plastic Bucket with Screw Top Lid

Plastic Totes

Seattle Barrel Company delivers superior industrial plastic totes with robust composite pallets. Offering a selection of new and reconditioned industrial containers, these versatile solutions are sure to suit your needs. Their primary purpose is water and oil storage and transport, but these totes can be used in a variety of ways. While they excel in oil and water transport and storage, these totes are also highly versatile. Whether you need reliable storage solutions for industrial, commercial, or personal use, we have the perfect tote to meet your needs.

Our options include:

275-Gallon Tote with Composite Pallet

330-Gallon Tote with Composite Pallet

For local or nationwide industrial container delivery, give Seattle Barrel Company a call today at (206) 622-7218.